Monday, August 13, 2007

Murphy's Law

Come across this at this site . But I find the below so true , especially software once start to code for job , you truly learn to appreciate it.
  1. You will think of a great line to say to someone the moment,after your chance is gone.
  2. If you think a gal/boy is beautiful,her (boy/girl)friend will always be there to confirm it.
  3. Being told tat someone doesn't want to date you because you're such a good friend,is like being told tat u didn't get the job because your overqualified.
  4. The more you want a women the least she will want you.
  5. If you are having difficulties choosing between two potential girls/boys, you 'll always pick the wrong one.
  1. Debugging is at least twice as hard as writing the program in the first place.So if your code is as clever as you can possibly make it, then by definition you're not smart enough to debug it.
  2. If a program is useful, it will have to be changed,If a program is useless, it will have to be documented.
  3. The hard drive on your computer will only crash when it contains vital information that has not been backed up.
  4. Software bugs are impossible to detect by anybody except the end user.
  5. An expert is someone brought in at the last minute to share the blame.
  6. A working program is one that has only unobserved bugs.
  7. Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later
  8. Any cool program(PC Games) always requires more memory than you have.
  9. Bugs will appear in one part of a working program when another 'unrelated' part is modified.
  10. Program complexity grows until it exceeds the capability of the programmer who must maintain it...!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

About me

Talking about myself, I am a graduate student pursuing Masters program in Management of Information Systems. In the past , I have worked as a Software Engineer mostly involved in Storage Virtualization and Cloud computing technology.

On a personal note, I enjoy watching movies, Youtube videos, reading all sorts of stuff ( especially technology stuff ) and occasionally pen down my thoughts in my blog, listening to my favorite songs over and over again till I eventually get bored of it. I love to be at home with my laptop with 24×7 net ( Yes , after four years being a CS student and  another three years of  being a Software Engineer , internet does seem to make into your basic necessities next to air,water,food ).  My dreams are making my dreams come true (yes, now that is recursive!). But with the passion and optimism bubbling inside me, I hope I will some day make them true. That’s all about me.

Thank you for taking time to visit my blog. Have a great day!