Friday, May 30, 2008

My take on My College Mates

This are my views, thoughts on my class mates in college.I have tried to keep it as short as possible, So I might have missed out on few Good or bad attributes of yours. Now few important abbreviation's
  • (Q) -> Indicates -> Quit drinking and smoking before you get cancer,die of it and making me write a eulogy of you out here..!!!
  • (L) -> Indicates -> The person has hit by arrows from cupid, Hope he/she gets Married to one he/she loves and has a Happy Married life..!!!
As normally with my blog, I never mention names of people with whom I am in direct contact with, So no names instead I have used their birthdays..!! I am sure few people would be interested in looking at what I wrote for others than themselves. Anyways birthdays are sorted out for easy search. I have taken the birth dates from placement details file, taken utmost care to get them right, but inspite of that few mistakes have been found. If there mistakes ( Like you cannot find your birthday or wrong birth dates) leave a comment telling who you are ,I will try to fix it . I might be wrong in my view, if I haven't had chance to interact with you myself, then what I hear about you from others is my take here. Again No hard feelings dudes and dudettes , if you feel something is offensive or should be edited out, leave a comment..!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Glimpse of Corporate life

Well, to start things this was not my first visit to Bangalore. I have visited the city thrice before. But all these three times the sense of purpose was that of a tourist. It looks rather funny now, the first time when I traveled there. My dad and mom took me to Bangalore airport (My memory not failing me, I think I was 6 years then) I was awe struck at the site of planes taking of into the sky. Being a stubborn child that I was back then, I made a big fuss at the airport to let me go in one of those planes. I just wanted to fly of into the sky. I cried and shouted so much, that the airport security guard had an enquiry with my dad, just to make sure nobody was being kidnapped. In the end my parents managed to take me out of the airport.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Well, One of the things that I felt I should have learnt, but didnt do it was learning Hindi. When I talk to many of my online friends(especially gals) , its hard to manage or reply in hindi, this is even worse when somebody cracks a joke in hindi, everybody around you is laughing and your wondering what the hell all the fuss is about. Hmmmm, Coming back to the point, this incident happened couple of weeks ago.