Thursday, February 21, 2008

Irony in the Great Indian Premier League Auction

Yesterday, as usual I was sitting cozily in my couch was skipping through the TV channels, to get some news. Instead what I found in all the news channels was IPL auction. It was mouthwatering to see the amount of bucks cricketers were being bought for. As I watched Mallyazz,Prietyz,SRKzzz pull out their big money kitty to buy players, it was clear that cricket was as much a business in this country where one can earn money as it was a sport. We had fringe players in Indian cricket like yusuf pathan, parthiv patel being bought for crores. I started wondering why the media doesn't give such attention to other sports. It’s always about cricket in this country. Few weeks ago, I saw a news that the badminton training session for the national players prior to a international tournaments were canceled due to the shortage of corks. The reason given was even more pathetic, Sports authority of India (SAI) did not have any funds to buy corks. Its an irony that a country like Ethiopia which is at the bottom of the worlds poorest nations is able to win gold medals at the Olympics, but India which boasts being fastest growing economy with(9% GDP per year next to Chinese of course) is struggling to win a medal at the Olympics every time(believe me the last time India won a gold at the Olympics was in 1980,Moscow games for hockey and hockey is no were in the radar of top Indian sports today) .The problem is that all the funds are being tunneled into one game and the rest of games have to fight for the scraps left behind.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Funny Thought - Girls Live in A Fairy Tale World..!!!

This is a funny line that ran through my mind my after seeing this display picture on one of my close girl friends orkut profile. You can see the picture here...

I think it would be better if it were changed as follows:

Someone should sue Disney for making Every boy believe that there is a Sleeping Beauty waiting for him to be Kissed and Awakened.!!!"