Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Review

Well, its been quite some time since I have written a movie review. Its not that I have been seeing less movies but rather its hard to find quality movies that make you sit up and watch. Last night , I was pretty much yearning to see Harry Potter, unfortunately I was finding no takers for the movie. I cant understand if people are ready to see Vijay film on PVR for 180 Rs. Why not volunteer for HP6??? Though one of colleagues was interested, it was rather for Transformers 2 ( you could call him typical indian movie goer who are interested in no brainer action movies like Hulk and Godzilla, rather than quality movies ). As luck would have it, within 2 hrs of being at my office , One of senior manager's came and said you could take the day of for all the hard work you put in. I was like wow, Let me escape from office. But on hind sight, even for the last release, they had given me a day of plus Ice creams. I guess the ice creams were a casualty of the recession. Coming back to the point, I managed to cajole my tentative cubicle mate for coming with a movie (at least he has read the book, most other's just watched movies ). It was short walk to Inox across the road ( love this office cause you have a mall and a mutliplex all at a walkable distance ). The movie started and thankfully I did not have to contend with sintex ad or Kumaran silks or Sri devi silks ad before the movie like theatres in Tamil Nadu.