Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Of late, I have been hearing a lot about the twitter effect, where tweeple determine how good or bad a movie is, by just tweeting. Well, I have to say you can trust it on how people judge a movie. All the movies which got a trending in the twitter Inglorious basterds, Paranormal activity were good to watch. I ended up watching 2012 thanks to the same hype. This time the venue was VR complex, nice cozy evening ( break from miserable rains , that have been following me where ever I go Bangalore or Cbe). Call it the outsourcing effect most movies in hollywood seem to have indian connnection now a days. This ones no different, where the movie starts with an Indian scientist discovering abnormal activity in Solar flares. The neutrinos from the sun are reacting with the earths crust and it is boiling inside out. An american colleague of his , gets this information to US government, so as to enable the world governments plan for the so called apocalypse in 2012.