Monday, January 19, 2009

Escape to Ooty

Well, after a turbulent start to the New Year I couldn’t wait to get myself out of Bangalore. Things change with time, but its ability to cope with change which is tested. As with most of my outings rarely do, I end up planning. Within 3 hours of me landing in Coimbatore, the plan for two day outing to Ooty was already chartered out by my friends. The next day we started early by 7 30 am to Ooty. Here I need to make a word of caution about our chauffeur; He basically thinks he is Michael Schumacher’s prodigy. People normally speed up when the highways are free. But he was traveling at 140km/h in road in between the forests. I knew something was going to go wrong, when I saw the speedometer. As it turned out, a poor deer took the wrong moment to cross the roads, it tried to squirt its way across the road, as we were moving. I thought the deer may not make it across the road, but it may end up in heaven for sure. But Luckily thanks to some superb Scorpio braking, the deer was able to cheat death (Thank God for those Scorpio brakes). Not the greatest of starts to the journey, midway through I knew something was wrong. The weird feeling was getting stronger with every hairpin bend we took. Finally in 4th one I had to take a call from one of my friends, as soon as I finished the call, I knew it was coming out. A bang on the door ensured the car was stopped and I rushed out to puke. Not a pretty site, when you have to go, you have to let it go. Another hour we finally reached Ooty. We managed to get some well deserved rest thanks to our friend’s guest house.