Monday, September 15, 2008

Heaven or Hell Rock On

What do you think; it’s like experiencing heaven and hell at the same time. Nah, I am not talking about the philosophical stuff (Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody is wants to die). Last week, I was in the middle of oracle training (just back from a demanding weekend at home) thanks to the vagaries of Bangalore weather, I got sick again. This time it was fever combined with body ache which made even sitting in cushion chair miserable for me. As the Tamil saying goes “ Kaiku eatunatu , Vaiku eatala “ ( You can touch the food with your hand, but not eat it with your mouth ) , that’s when my manager called me said we have a big team outing tomorrow, so come to PVR multiplex and after that for a dinner party. The thought running through my mind was, Why now God??? Why can’t they have the outing when I am feeling as cool as cucumber? Well, I was in dilemma that night, whether I should skip my first team outing or not because of fever. Eventually I ended up going to the movie and party, thanks to temporary relief provided by crocin. On a brighter note, I was able to hitch hike a ride on my manager’s car to PVR, rather than take a bus from my office. As far as the movie was concerned, it was ‘Rock On’, a Hindi movie (I hardly know any Hindi) so it was pretty much going to be a good sleep for me at the theatre. But as luck would have it, I got my seat next to one of my teammates who joined MCE along with me, who happens to know Hindi and also tries to speak ‘Taamil’ ( like Tamil heroines say “ Ennaku Ennaku Konchum Konchum Taamil theriyum “).

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


ABCD… I m not going to talk about English alphabets here, though the things I am going to talk about start with this letters. Let’s start

‘D’ for Dress or dressing sense to be more precise (If your friend of mine, I ought to be surprised for your raised eyebrow by now). Back in college days, I used to have really flashy, eye catching style of dressing. Well, as I have mentioned in my previous blog entry, liberal dress codes is one of many advantages at my office. It’s funny how people make use of this new found freedom with regard to dressing sense from college to office. The other day I was using the lift to move to the cafeteria. As the lift was moving up, my eye caught hold of a t-shirt. Natural intuition on my part was to read it, it said “I am a party girl, don’t Force me to Study ...! “. When I finished reading it, the other guy standing cross to me in the lift was giving me a really weird look. Then it struck me, what must have gone through his mind. I thought to myself, for God sake I was not staring at the women’s boobs, I was just reading the quote. First of all, people (guy/girl) who wears t-shirt with quotes wants other people to read them, so they shouldn’t be complaining for getting extra attention to their things. Another interesting thing I notice here is, people wearing socks with chapels which I thought was ridiculous in the beginning, but most people seem to do this in Bangalore. Then I see plenty of women wearing jeans and sleeveless t-shirts (Whether it looks good or not is entirely a different question, sometimes they bring out the wrong features to the fore, I seriously wonder what their boy friends say about their dressing sense..!!), I wonder why men don’t wear sleeveless t-shirts to office (What’s good for the goose, must also be good for the gander going by the feminist views). Sometimes it’s confusing with the jeans and t-shirts, like one of friends finds it hard to differentiate between guy and a gal from the looks at the back. Cant blame my friend for that, it gets even more difficult when your dealing women with short hair. Another interesting and unique style, I observed was the hippy style (to make it clear it’s the costume you see heroes wearing when they sing songs of advice in old tamil films), where people wear shawl over their t-shirts, just add a head band to this costume with a guitar, you will start looking like a hippy. Last but not least, its important to know your body when you dress, just because a dress looks good on Hirtik or Katrina doesn’t mean it will look good on you also ( though the self image that we have of ourselves is like that). To keep it simple, your dress should accentuate your right features and attenuate your anomalies, as a whole make sure your body looks symmetrical.

Monday, September 1, 2008

MC 'E' Xperience

At last, I have found some quality time for my blog, which had been deserted by me for the most part of august. It has been an exciting first month where I had been living on my own; to fend for myself, wash my clothes for the first time (it rained the whole day, when I did that, leaving me scratching my head to find a place to hang the wet clothes). The first week of august was pretty much a boring affair (and probably it will hold the record for the longest duration for which I listened to presentations). To start things of, it was on the last weekday, where I had met my team mates; it was just three of us in our team. I could never understand why they put me in this team; rather it was the case with most people, who were curious to figure out the basis why they had been allocated into their respective teams. A thorough out and out Java guy like me was put into Perl and UNIX domain. Well, I am prepared to make the most of what I have. Coming back to the point, the second week was a tantalizing affair with soft skills which by the way was at our office. Liberal dress codes and flexible timings are one among many advantages when you’re working with US Company.