Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dark Knight Movie Review

It was another boring day, where you had a regular power shutdown for the whole day leaving me nothing to do without my computer. Then one of my school mates messaged me asking whether we can go for a film. He had been interning at XYZ IT security firm, rather he got tired of his job there at office, which involves finding out porn sites in the net and adding them to parental control software's list of banned websites. He is getting handsome amount for it(Nice Software job).It was tough call between Jaane tu Jaane Na and Dark Knight, but Dark Knight won cause there wasn't any theater in the city that screened Jaane tu Jaane Na (But weird thing was you had one screening Kismet Connection which is quite ordinary compared to Jaane tu Jaane Na). We at last made it to the theater, it was the same one where we saw The Happening. Now I wasn't in greatest of moods on that day, we just had lunch where each person paid 150 Rs for a meagre meal at a Stupid Hotel ( which my friend boasted to be best for Non Vegeterian food items in the city) which left me very unsatisfied. In the name of trying out new things my friend ordered "Surra(Shark) Putu", I was thinking it would be big (Since sharks usually are , like The Great White) But when the waiter delivered, it was more like 25 grams of cereal served in a tiny plate leaving me fuming. Coming back to the movie it was house full at the theater to my surprise.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Being Witness to Adam Teasing ..!!!

Note: This post was written by my friend in this blog.

bout 3 days ago My friend showed me this article about Adam teasing, a stunt which involves girls teasing guys instead of the usual way around :p. Coincidentally yesterday I went to a little trip with my friends to a farm house just outside the city. Most of them in the trip were girls with some teachers from my school and just one guy, the son of a teacher.When we were all settled and started doing our activities, the guy, being human, also started having fun with some little kids of the other teachers. There was this little covered platform where there was some game stuff, like a Carom board table and a pool table and some game that mocks a football game on a table i.e,FussBall.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oil on the Boil

It was a cold night that day, after chatting for more than two hours at Barista(a Coffee Place) I and my friend separated bidding farewell to each other. On my return trip to home, the fuel in my bike went to into reserve fuel, So I just headed for a near by Fuel station. To my dismay, the Fuel station seemed to have only premium petrol. Out of no choice, I filled premium petrol on that day went to home. But the incident spurred me into thinking why there is a shortage of petrol and the oil prices being so high.To start of off, oil was pretty cheap compared to the prices it is selling now. In 1998 price of oil was around 35$ a barrel ( A barrel is roughly equal to 159 litres). Today world's most profitable company is Exxon Mobil, an US oil major with yearly turn over of 40billion dollars, thanks 140$ a barrel , oil price.