Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aadhavan Movie Review

Another Diwali, bunch of films that are releasing. When you have a group of friends getting together, the foundations of visit to a nearby theater are laid. Since his last film Ayan was good, I was looking forward to Aadhavan , plus the Director KS Ravi Kumar makes you think it must be at least worthwhile watching it. Invariably when you visit this theaters during the festive season, they try to rip you of in something, in this case it was Parking ticket, they charged Rs 8 per vehicle,People who didn't have change gave Rs 10 , since the guy who was collecting the money had no change what so ever. Basically he was ripping Rs 2 for every vehicle. Now for the much awaited movie. It started of with a stereotypical feel good,enjoy life song pretty much like his last movie Ayan. Surya plays the role of a hired gun, Aadhavan to take out people. After the intro song , he takes out a Foreign Priest. After this assignment, He is hired to take out a Judge investigating organ trade case in Kolkata by the villain. He misses his target for the first time in his entire life. What follows is a scene to show of his Marchoness, where he vows to take out the Judge in 10 days. Of course the heroine Nayanthara who plays the role of Tara, happens to be Judge's daughter. He gains entry into the house posing as a relative of Servant Vadivelu. Did I forget to mention the heroine intro song??? which tests a your patience so much, I started people getting out of Theater for a smoke. If anything holds the first half together hiding the flaws in script, its the humor between Surya and Vadivel. For most part , it leaves you in splits. Multiple attempts by Surya to take out the Judge, end up being futile during first half. In between he finds time to woo Judge's Daughter too.