Sunday, February 8, 2009

Yamming & Tweeting

Its a week where I read in the newspaper that Paris Hilton wants to stimulate the world economy by shopping more (Hmmm, I dont know about her stimulating the economy, but she certainly managed to stimulate a lot of men by her videos ) . On a more serious note now, one of the events that happened during this week, made me think about the kind of work one ends up doing. It all started in a meeting, where my manager stressed on the need of increasing communication. The topic here was site called Yammer , it basically your Twitter modeled for your office, communicating with your colleagues. Personally I have never moved beyond FaceBook and Orkut with respect to Social Networking. It was one of those days in office where I had time to myself, that enabled me to try out Yammer. I found it interesting, when I joined it. So went ahead and joined my Team's private community on it. (PS : My team's community on yammer was owned by Software Development Director in US i.e, SDD for short). What happened was,I used my actual name as in most of my official documents G@#@!# K#@!#!. But in MCE( my company) its screwed up as G@#@!# R!@#!@#( Apparently when I joined here, they wanted the name as in Passport, which was G@#@!# K#@!#! R!@#!@#) . Taking the first name and last name, they made it G@#@!# R!@#!@#, again nobody knows me by this name outside MCE.