Saturday, August 2, 2008

And Finally it Happened

Well, the D-day is here, I m going to be leaving for work to join a MNC. I am nervous at the same time excited. It was time it happened cause almost all my friends left for work ,you do start to feel left out when you dont get the call letter. And also being idle without anything to do is very unlike me and Thank God it came to an end.It was an extended holiday of sought's for me with a break of full 3 months after the college ended. But atleast I feel I used up the time well, I had a good chance to connect back with my school friends, spend loads of time with them. As the say all the fun and frolic must end sometime, I guess its back to work again. Again I always believe whatever you do , it should be fun. I am hoping the work I do at the company also turns out to be fun.