Sunday, May 17, 2009

Election Day Tweets

Indian elections are always entertaining, with so many parties begging for people's votes (Pardon me, if I lost count of the list of parties ).It after all the biggest reality show anybody could muster up.I always felt a two party system as in US which gives the government stability, is far more better than having so many parties. In case you choose to have multi party system, then in that situation where no party gets a majority, the top two parties should have run off election, where the winner is chosen. I was watching CNN IBN on saturday morning , also following the elections in the world of Twitter. Decided to compile a list of tweets on the election day. Here are a few good ones

  1. Wonder what happens to all the astrologers - do the losing netas ask for money back? or go bash them up?:-)
  2. Congress sweeps Delhi! Can you CLEAN the streets now too?
  3. But just now they said chidambaram lost & after recounting he is declared victorious they recounted not reverse counted right?
  4. UPA will be forming the government.. advani's expressions must be a kodak moment.
  5. I hope the BJP figures out that there's work to be done (beyond polarizing ppl) when not in power too. Grassroots stuff.
  6. Advani needs to take rebirth as Rahul's son to become future PM.
  7. Sun is Shining in Tamil Nadu today.!!!
  8. Singh is set to become King Once again.!!
  9. BJP is like Liverpool and Congress is like Manchester United. They kept attacking Congress and claimed they will win but look what happened.
  10. Why cant people remember a basic fact that Left is NOT RIGHT before voting. Wipe them out I say!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dummies Guide to Software Engineering

I am not going to beat around the bush for this topic, its going to be straight forward and as blunt as possible. Its almost a year since I entered this industry, I did finally manage to be a part of a product release . You may not find most of the things that I have mentioned here in any Software Engineering book. If you can learn everything from reading books, then work experience has little value. To start of, the whole information technology(IT) industry in India is based on one word "Out Sourcing". Some people might feel this word applies only Service based IT firms and not Product based ones. American firms that are present here rarely if at all allow you to take ownership of Products in India. If at all they allow, its because the Product has reached its end of life, you will end up taking ownership for the Product in the name of sustainance. If you're part of brand new product development, consider yourself very lucky. The optimism of youth is often is greatly under estimated, I loved writing code in college. Being software engineer you would be expected to code , its one of the basic things your associated with. After entering this industry, at least in India I found out there more jobs here on which you can make a living without ever bothering to write a single line of code. Unfortunately the job titles companies give have engineering associated with them, which makes mockery of what a Computer Science Engineering is.!!! I would like call this jobs as Glorified Customer Support (GCS) or So called Engineering jobs. Now, how do you make out if you ended up in this jobs?? If somebody who doesn't have anything in relation to Computer Science , who hasn't bothered to master the essentials of programming, can do your job after the initial training as well as you can, then YES, your job is a GCS. Now here are a few myths and facts which I observed