Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Dark Knight rises Review


Not many times you would get a chance to watch a movie like this on first day and get paid for it. Well that is one of the plus points, when you’re an attending important customer sales events.  I couldn’t help ponder over the important milestones , the Dark Knight series has coincided with my own life, whether it is Batman begins (2004) , when I got out of school , The Dark Knight(2008) when I got out of undergraduate college and now the Dark knight Rises(2012) when I am into graduate school.Coming to the movie,  it takes off exactly 8 years after Harvey Dent’s death in the previous movie. Bruce Wayne is a shadow of himself, reclusive in his mansion happy to be left alone. Until he is awaken from his slumber when a jewel thief, Selina kyle breaks into his mansion played by Anne Hathaway.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Know your College Meme

Like wildfire, it has been a season of memes in various US colleges this month. With every college trying to outdo each other in creating memes poking fun at various idiosyncrasies, that students everywhere have to put up with. Texas A&M meme has been a rage among aggies, raking up more than 9000 likes in Facebook at a short amount of time. Here’s look ten of the most frequently used college memes and stories behind them.

1. College Freshman

This photo belongs to freshman Griffin Kiritsy  from University of New Hampshire. He personally acknowledged that it was his photo in his blog. The story behind photo started with a naïve phone interview. A few weeks later, the interviewer wanted to take a few snaps of the kid for publishing his story,to which he gladly obliged. Little, did he know that his photo will go on to become viral meme for freshman in every university!


2. Success Kid

This is an image of child with his fist up and with “knows it all” look on his face. The image was first posted in Flickr account by Laury Griner and baby’s name is Sammy.


Success kid is now 4 years old.