Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Google Matrimonial Search

This was too funny couldnt help posting it..!! :) Enjoy..

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar Review

Well, given that all the hype this movie was generating , I was sure that I am not going to miss this one. The question was more of when rather than if, as it turned out it was a stressful Saturday with having to be in Office. So was looking forward to chilling out on Sunday. Boy we were lucky, we just reached theater just 10 mins before the movie started, that too in a multiplex on a Sunday in Bangalore. As hopeless as the situation might be for not getting the tickets, one of the guys offered as two tickets for Avatar, talk about luck. We got them and made our way into screening, though there was slight fear whether it was for Avatar or Vettaikaran ( both were screened in the same multiplex). When movie started all our doubts were quelled , it was Avatar ( though I enjoyed the trailer of My name is Khan ).

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What People Want...

As puzzling as the topic I have chosen to post may be, I decided to do a bit of data mining over a month or so, on the various Facebook profiles on what people become fans of. On looking at the below list, some might turn out to be lighter moments , others might make you think, but most of this are small things are the ones that people miss.....

* I promise will study from tomorrow...;)
* You Dont Move after screaming, "Im Coming" when Your parents call you.
* I piss you off because I love you ?.
* You look at them, They look at you, You quickly look somewhere else..AKWARD.
* If anyone can read my mind, I'm screwed.
* I Hate It When Parents Get Serious About Something Funny You Tell Them.
* Receiving birthday calls at 12 at night feels great..
* ROCKING paper, SHOCKING result.
* I Think I Think Too Much...
* No I'm not lying, but when you look at me like that, how can I not smile?