Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inception - Movie Review

Inception , is the fourth Christopher Nolan movie  that I have managed to watch after Memento,Batman Begins and Dark knight.  Memento had already introduced me to his non-linear story telling screen play , where two parts of story move in opposite direction ( unlike the the traditional start to climax way).  With Inception, the director takes the screen play and story telling abilities to a whole new level of complexity.  The theme of movie revolves letting somebody into your unconscious mind , i.e, Dream , where extractors can steal your deepest secrets. True to this, Nolan turns out a edge of seat thriller, heist film.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hand of God

I never confess to be an full fledged football fan, but I couldn't help getting caught in the football frenzy during the World Cup. From the very first world cup 1998, which I started to follow , I have tried to follow the beautiful game. Though I don't care about EPL or any other club football league unlike other self confessed football fans. Now getting back to point, whats ironic with Football is the term " Hand of God "  . For people unfamiliar with Football, this phrase was originally coined for Maradona's Goal in 1986 World Cup semi final against England. The score was nil-nil until Maradona got a pass , which he manipulated using his hand to score the winning goal against England.