Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things that Happened in "The Happening"

It was a saturday weekend, I was tweaking something with my linux. Then one of my school friends messaged, asking me to come out for a film i.e, "The Happening". I was totally not into the film, But I had rejected my friends offer to go out in the evening three times during that week and if I had rejected this, it would have jeopardized our trip to the pool next week, So accepted it reluctantly. We reached the theater, my friend bought Rs 65 tickets for this not so happening film. They thing that made my stomach burn was, the previous week I had seen Dasavatharam for just Rs50 ticket on a second day show, while I was paying Rs65 for this crappy film. Anyways we entered the theatre, there were hardly 80 people in theater.

The film started with an anime mentos Ad ( where the monkey becums man) which my brilliant friend took it for the actual movie and asking me was this is a cartoon film. Well the actual film started later, you see New york, central park where two lovely ladies are seated in a bench. Then suddenly, one of the ladies takes a hair pin slits her throat to commit suicide. This was the first in the long line of the suicides you see in the film. The Next scene you see construction workers jumping of from top of the buildings leaving me to wonder whether they were trying bunchy jumping. The story revolves around Mark Wahlberg, a teacher in philadelphia. The news soon reaches Mark's school, of the weird things Happening in the city i.e, people committing suicides. This suicides cause massive evacuation of New york, our hero Mark,his wife, his friend along with his daughter rush to the train station to flee from the city. Only to find that people are committing suicides even at the train's destination place. Infact few suicides are interesting to begin with, I can understand Shylaman trying to strike a fear at the hearts of people who are watching the movie(it does in the beginning). But the problem is it gets repetitive, nevertheless to Shylaman's credit he does come up with very innovative ways for people to kill themselves throughout the film.

  1. Jump from top of building
  2. Make yourself as a breakfast to the Lion's in your Local Zoo( This video is shown in an iPhone, I cant wait to get my hands on it, when it comes to india)
  3. Ram your Car at full speed onto a tree
  4. Start a Lawn mover , Lay down in its path
  5. Shoot yourself with a gun
  6. Slit your throat with a hair pin
  7. Hang yourself in a traffic Signal
  8. Beat Your head against a Glass wall

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dasavatharam Review

We planned well in advance for this movie, infact a week earlier. I guess it was worth the wait to see a single actor play ten different roles. The movie started 30 mins late than the scheduled time to my frustration. Once it started your drawn into the thick of action. The first scene opens with Govind Ramasamy (First Character) being felicitated by heads of state of US and India. In the initial prologue, he describes how even the most trivial of the things that happen can be related to an major event( Such as the butterfly effect i.e , tiny variations in air pressure caused by flapping of wings can make the difference between a tornado occuring in one place and another place). The story starts from 1200 AD where there is tension between Shivanites(ppl who worshio Lord Shiva) and Vaishanavites(ppl who worshio Lord Vishnu). You have a Chola King trying to remove a statue of Lord Vishnu from the sanctum of temple. Here you see the Rangaraja Nambi(Second Character), a staunch vaishnavite who opposes the move and hence he is thrown to the sea chained through his skin along with the Lord Vishnu statue. Seeing this, I couldnt help recollect a line from an earlier tamil film starring Rajni where he says " ஹரியும் சிவனும் ஒன்னு , அ்ைத அறியாதவன் வாயில மண்ணு..!!! ".