Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Mistake I almost Made

*This is my first attempt short story writing, so feed backs are welcome
Disclaimer: The finale of the story is as such narrated to me by one of friends , when I was in school. *

It was a cold Monday morning, "Why is it the bed seems most cozy on Monday morning??" I wondered as I gazed at the Sunlight coming through the screens. I half hardheartedly got up switched the alarm off and checked the phone. " Hiii sweetie Krishna.. GM :), Cud we meet today evening at CCD ?? " said the sms from Radhika. There is nothing like a wish from your loved one that jump starts your morning. It was now 8 30 am, I had a meeting to attend at 10 30. So I went about my daily routine in the morning and was ready within one hour. Ideally one hour time would be good enough for anybody to reach their office in a bike , unless otherwise you happen to live in Bangalore, where there are 1000 people exactly like you are going to office at the same time as yours. I made it to the office just on time with 10 mins to spare. However thanks to the rains in the night, the basement parking had got flooded, I had to search for a new spot to park the bike. I hurried to the meeting room, hoping I was not the last person to enter the room, so everybody in the room wouldn't gaze upon me. I was surprised to find an empty room. Later on examining my mail, I found out that my manager had postponed the meeting, since he too was struck in traffic. " Bangalore traffic is one place where all people are treated equally irrespective of whether your Engineer,Manager or Vice President " I chuckled to myself.