Friday, April 1, 2011

Cup of Joy

Well , its been a long hiatus from the world of blogging  . Anyways most of the things that the break was intended for is nearing completion .  What better way to start it again other than  the cup of joy.  All was not well , with frigging Reliance broadband being down for the last ten days ( seriously,  Anil Ambani should realize the word Reliance in Reliance Broadband is an oxymoron with its DNS server not responding for every 3 hours) .  Add to that I was in SQL training for this whole week , there were serious worries about the likelihood of me watching the India-pak cricket match for which even Gilani and Manmohan seemed to have bunked their office duties. As gracious and liberal as my company is (perhaps was with recent blocking of sites ) , they had setup giant screen in cafeteria , with ten 50'' LCD screens on all directions to broadcast India - Pak match . Its hard for you to,  not to see the match in any direction you turn your head in cafeteria.

As it turned out, things started to get better after lunch. It was more like watching the match in cricket ground , with so many people in cafeteria , with their faces painted in tri color  carrying Indian flags . The guys who profited the most from this was obviously the Food court restaurants.  Anyways these were the highlights of the day..

Seductive Moment: Was debugging T-SQL function , I heard a series roars of  from cafeteria that distracted me . Later came to know , it is Virendar Sehwags plundering Umar Gul with five  4’s in a over. Viru’s innings are like extra martial affairs , thrilling while it lasts , but always ends in heart break.

Generous nature Moment:  SQL trainer who stopped the training  midway and let us watch the match after  hearing  the roar from the crowd for Sehwag’s dashing four’s.

Flashback Award : Wajab Riaz ‘s  back to back wicket taking deliveries . Especially the in swinging Yorker to get rid of Yuvaraj , brought back not so good memories of Shoaib getting Dravid and Tendulkar with similar back to back deliveries at Eden Gardens test match.

Slippery hands Award: This one goes entire Pakistan cricket team .  The kept dropping so many catches . If it was a pin drop of silence , Guess who dropped the pin ? , the entire Pakistan team.
So Close Yet So Far..

Pak player whom Indians Cheered : Umar Gul , was like an oasis of runs between Akmal and Riaz.

Handshaking Award:  Of course this goes to Gilani , Manmohan Singh  who set the precedent for their countrymen in bonhomie .

Traffic Police Award: This one goes to Bhajji for stopping Sajeed Akmal half way through , because Raina dropped the bat at the other end.

Hollywood Moment: When couple of Americans , who came for lunch  were  wondering why all the folks were at the cafeteria even though it was well past match time  and not working. Being good guests we are , we explained Cricket is like Indian baseball . Finally , they opted to paint their faces in Tri-color in getting along with things. Job Done here :P

Redemption Award: Ashish Nehra for managing  to leave upto his name  #tamil .

Sentimental Moment: Umar Akmal , the boy who started crying when Bhajji removed his bales.

Superstitious Moment: My friend . Every time he got up from chair for a break from match to restroom , a wicket fell . Yes , I seriously thought I should lock him up in the Loo for the Pak innings.

I am not Pointing Award: Again Ashish Nehra , for being honest about his catch for Afridi’s shot , though it was crucial moment in the Game.

Midas Touch Award: Who else Dhoni , he misread the pitch and accepted it ,but yet got way with his choice  with winning. Wish , I could get way with misreading Questions in exams and get full marks for answers ;)

Man of the Match: I know this one went to Sachin. But to be fair , it should have been shared between Sachin and Pakistan fielding team :)

Afridi : One day I wish I was half as good as you

We miss giving Hugs Award: Pretty Preity , Bhajji  , Yuvi and Nita Ambani :-) I know hugs will start coming with IPL in another two weeks

Decibel Moment: Oh yeah , the last over ; Every dot ball resulted in mad cheer that would have blown the roof of  cafeteria.

Bluecross Award:  To all people who started Bleeding Blue; Only if Horse shoe crabs needed Blood donation it would have proved useful. Besides considering its Sri Lanka, we are against in the final we should be more specific about the type of Blue. 

Bindaas Moment: At 11 O ‘ Clock in the night , seeing a guy a run across the highway near my office carrying the Indian Flag.

Joy knows no bounds..

WTH / WTF Award: Poonam Pandey managed to trend in twitter for stating her intention to go full Monty . Please go to a nude beach , instead making nuisance claims like this.

Hope it was a memorable moment for you as much as it was for me, That's all Folks :)


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