Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Dark Knight rises Review


Not many times you would get a chance to watch a movie like this on first day and get paid for it. Well that is one of the plus points, when you’re an attending important customer sales events.  I couldn’t help ponder over the important milestones , the Dark Knight series has coincided with my own life, whether it is Batman begins (2004) , when I got out of school , The Dark Knight(2008) when I got out of undergraduate college and now the Dark knight Rises(2012) when I am into graduate school.Coming to the movie,  it takes off exactly 8 years after Harvey Dent’s death in the previous movie. Bruce Wayne is a shadow of himself, reclusive in his mansion happy to be left alone. Until he is awaken from his slumber when a jewel thief, Selina kyle breaks into his mansion played by Anne Hathaway.


Despite the Introduction of so many new characters such as the Cat woman ( C- word is never used in the film , its all subtle ) , a new villain, Marion , a billionaire philanthropist who comes to aid of Bruce Wayne in the event of his business collapse and young police officer  in the form Joseph Gordon-levitt, who steps up to the task ( even more morphed version of comic book character,Guess who?), when Commissioner Gordon goes down, Nolan makes sure each character plays an vital part in the story. In fact, if it was for anybody whose screen presence has diminished in the movie , it is Batman, with lots of sequences going through without him being seen at all. But it is sure delight, when he does show up whether it is Bat-pod or the new aerial Hover craft style vehicle , simply referred to as the Bat. As one of character’s in the movie utters , “You’re in a for a show, today Son”. If anybody matches  the panache of Batman using his toys, it is Selina Kyle with her skin tight leather suit  and a figure to die for ( envy of many a women) riding the Bat-pod.


There is lot of similarity in the way the Bane , who is portrayed as mercenary is introduced compared to the Joker in the previous movie. Only it is even more spectacular with the giant cargo planes in the opening sequence. It was said Warner Brother’s was initially considering The Riddler for the third installment with Leanardo Di Carpio being cast for the role, however Nolan chose Bane to portray a more menacing tyrannical evil look to film compared to psychotic Joker’s style ( since Riddle would have been more similar). For the most part Bane played by Tom Hardy lives up to the expectation. In fact in most hand to hand combat sequences he has the better of Batman. If it weren’t for his Darth Vaderish voice, he would have bit more easy to comprehend what he spoke in the movie.

Like most of the Nolan’s previous films (  Inception , Prestige ) , he does indeed gives a glimpse of the film’s ending during the start of the movie, and there are tell tale signs of who is going to be turncoat in the first half , if you’re meticulous enough to figure out to the details of clues of Batman begins. But its safe to bet most people would not be able to figure out the ending , with the film keeping on the edge of the seats for the most part. The story has lots of similarities to the comic version of Batman , the Knight fall.  Its shame some of the best pyrotechnics sequence where revealed in the trailer itself. In the end, Nolan ties up all the three movies together in a fitting crescendo. The Dark knight series sets the bar as far as the comic strip to reel life super hero movies goes.

Rating: 4/5 , a must watch for this summer.


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